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Option A) Buyers Agent Licence NSW

Correspondence $495: The course material is sent to you.


Buyer's agents offer a number of services ranging from property searching, appraising, dealing with vendor agents, negotiating a sale price, bidding at auction, arranging property inspection reports and general property advisory.


Being a Buyers Agent is an alternative to general real estate sales. It looks at working solely for the purchaser and acting on their behalf throughout the sale process. This course is for people who wish to gain the qualification to apply for their Buyers Agent Licence in NSW and learners undertake an in-depth study of the entire buyers agent process. Once all modules have been completed, learners will be able to apply to NSW Fair Trading for their Buyers Agent licence.


Only 1 Unit of Competency to complete: CPPDSM4001A Act as a buyer’s agent 


Yes, I have completed Certificate of Registration course and Real Estate Licence course CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate).


You need to complete CPPDSM4001A Act as a buyer's agent.

Please email to shirley@thesalesmasters.com.au a copy of the transcript for your Certificate of Registration course and Licence course. Once received, we will give a credit transfer for modules required for your Buyers Agent Licence. 

Once we received your enrolment form, we will email you or mail to you any module(s) that need to be completed and assessed.

Once received by us and assessed as satisfactory, we will issue you with a Statement of Attainment for the 9 modules in the Buyers Agent Licence course.

Apply to NSW Fair Trading for your Buyers Agent Licence.


NSW Fair Trading:

To qualify for a Buyers Agent Licence, you are required to produce your qualification recording completed units of competency from the Property Services Training Package (CPP07) to NSW Fair Trading and pay a fee.

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