Employer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the funding work?

Government Funding is available for New Entrant Employees and New Entrant Part Time Employees. A New Entrant is defined as a person who is employed in an enterprise for up to 3 months full time or 12 months part time. A Part Time employee is defined as a person who is employed in an enterprise for 20 hours or more per week. There is government funding available for up to $4,000 per eligible new entrant and up to $1,500 for Part Time eligible Employees. 


Q: Can all my staff enrol in a particular course?

Yes. Both new entrants (joined in the last 3 months) and existing workers are able to enrol in any course, and receive Government Training Incentives, subject to eligibility.


Q: Can the training be done onsite, to limit travel?

Yes. Courses can be conducted: Onsite - Face to face, eLearning or Correspondence learning


Q: What do I have to pay for those who are ineligible? Can they do the training?

Yes. Subject to numbers involved, our company policy does not charge a fee for any ineligible to do the course. A real plus!!


Q: Are the courses customised?

Totally. We will spend time with you to gain specific knowledge of your business and the training gaps that exist. We will customise all courses/ modules to meet your specific needs and make the courses relevant to those who participate.


Q: Are there any fees I have to pay?

We will conduct an eligibility check on your staff and advise you, early in our discussions, the financial arrangements via a simple agreement. 99% of our current clients invest only what they receive in Government Training Subsidies.


Q: What are the benefits to me as an employer?

The benefits of having a positive work culture including learning and development include:

  • More efficient, motivated team members.
  • Improved client experiences delivered by more inspired team members.
  • Measurable gains in all areas, most importantly profit and team member retention.
  • Competitive Edge - Your people are your most valuable asset. Make sure they are at their best...Every Day, Every Time, Without Fail, No Exception.


Q: Why does the Commonwealth Government and State Government Fund incentivise qualifications?

The Australian Government is committed to supporting Australian Businesses in a globally competitive market place. As a demonstration of the commitment and support, the government is prepared to fund the training and development of employees and provide incentive funding to businesses and individuals to help meet the demands of employers from all sectors to improve the skills of their employees as a route to improving their business performance. Trained business employees increase the possibility of a business being more successful and therefore a more competitive nation.

This support for government funded training may only be available for a limited time. The time to take advantage of this opportunity is now.


Q: How are enrolments done?

We will contact an approved Apprenticeship Centre and organise with you a time for team members to complete Training Course Paperwork.Where large numbers are involved, we will enrol the team in groups of 5 to 10. One of our team members will accompany to Apprenticeship Team Member. All training Participants are required to complete enrolments forms.


Q: How are claim forms handled?

To lighten your load, we will handle the process of completing commencement claim forms. We will have claim forms printed and our representative (where geographically possible) will have the Participant sign them.Then give to employer representative to sign. We will then lodge the claim.


Q: How are claim forms handled for completions?

To lighten your load, we will handle the process of completing Completion Claim Forms. Once Participants are competent and completed the course- as per commencement claim forms.


Q: How are Workbooks/Assessments delivered when training is around the country?

Course Training Workbooks/Assessments will be sent out one week prior to training commencement to allocated clients.


Q: What happens when new people start with our company?

You are to notify ASTC of  the employee's details by email with:

Full Name, Date of Birth, Commencement Date of Employment, Location-State of Employment, Course Preferred


Email to: enrolments@thesalesmasters.com.au

Once received, we will organise enrolment. Once employed the Participant can start attending appropriate training.


Q: What happens when people leave and we need to cancel their contracts?

When someone leaves your employment, you notify ASTC by email to: enrolments@thesalesmasters.com.au with:

Name, Date Left Employment. We will do a cancellation form and lodge with the government. We will also send to the Participant  a Certificate of Attainment for completed units of training. An employer copy can be done if requested.


Q: Who gets a password to your company "Members Page"?

You, as the company representative will be given "Log In" details to your Members Page on our website.

You advise us as to who can be given Log In details. Most companies give all training Participants Log In details so they have all the details of the training programs.