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Your Sales Team – The Vital Interface between Your Customers and Your Brand

Developing the skills of the employees is the responsibility of the business owner. A well-trained workforce does not merely focus on boosting revenues by generating sales. It focuses on cultivating relationships with customers. This training does not only include the initial training received by the employee on joining an organisation. It also includes refresher trainings (usually conducted online) such as a sales course online or an accounting training online. In the long run, this adds up to a lot more than the dollars generated via sales. After all, how can anyone quantify the value of a relationship with customers as opposed to the volume of sales generated? Yet, business owners continue to focus on selling their wares. This is necessary, given that the inflow of money keeps the business running.

Consider the fact that business owners also spend enormous amounts of money in promoting their products and services. Yet, not many business owners consider marketing strategies that are more effective like focusing on their customers. For example, a satisfied customer might mean some dollars of business and a sale. Yet, the value of this customer offers significant marketing potential. Businesses could use each of their satisfied customers as references for the brands they are promoting. This would not only strengthen the bond between the brand and the consumer. It would also attract others to make purchases. This is because the average customer loved a specific product or service offered by the brand. Unfortunately, many business owners gloss over the relationship-building aspect of sales, which their sales team delivers. This aspect comes back to bite them, when their sales register a dip.

Sales Refreshers – An All Too Easily Neglected Aspect of Daily Operations in a Business

When new employees join the workforce, they participate in an induction program. This program trains employees usually via classroom sessions. Alternatively, the training could take the form of distance learning courses online like a sales course online or accounting training online etc. Once the employee completes the learning curve, the organisation expects the employee to fulfil all the duties assigned to the individual.

As the days pass, the routine of making pitches and closing sales takes precedence over everything else. Business owners often give sales teams lucrative incentives depending on the volume of sales they can achieve in a given period. Thus, the entire emphasis goes towards closing sales and generating revenue. Little, if any, attention goes towards helping people perform better than their current levels.

In fact, in many cases, the laggards end up attending refreshers and taking distance learning courses online. This is because team managers want these individuals to improve their performances. Hence, they get the benefit of these trainings to come to par with the rest of the team. In contrast, the average to good performers often miss this opportunity, as they need to churn out the sales volumes. As a result, they remain stuck in the ‘Operations Mode’. They also do not get the opportunity to improve their performances.

Some organisations recognise that during the daily grind of operations, bad habits can creep into standard operating procedures. If left unchecked, these habits could become counterproductive. Therefore, they provide refresher training courses to their employees. However, oftentimes employees express their reservations for attending these trainings. This is because these trainings provide little – if any – financial incentives. In addition, the employees do not earn their sales incentives when they attend these trainings. As a result, the financial incentives – or the lack of them, rather – make employees consider skipping such training programs. In short, they concede their long-term benefits in favour of short-term incentives.

Given this backdrop, employees often end up short-changing themselves by letting opportunities for enhancing their skills pass. Employers do not fare any better either. They remain fixated on achieving sales targets. They also do not realise that at some stage, they will have to demand more from their sales teams. However, the lack of training opportunities or the lack of incentives that encourage employees to attend trainings will throw a spanner in the works. As a result, the organisation will seldom end up achieving its objectives. In short, the organisation will lose the battle for the want of a nail…

The Australian Salesmasters Training Company – The Experts in Online Training Courses for Corporate Executives

When you need a training company to help your employees develop, you need a fresh approach. Training provided by an external provider will always have a novelty that an in-house training program will seldom possess. All too often, employees will not take in-house programs too seriously. Therefore, by engaging an external training provider, you would not only be able to provide quality training to your staff. You would also be able to measure the impact of the training on your bottom-line.

At the Australian Salesmasters Training Company, we believe that an organisation’s most valuable resources are its employees. Therefore, we focus on developing training programs that will help your employees realise their potential. We offer a variety of courses in an assortment of fields. In addition, our team of accredited facilitators delivers modules based on various skills and techniques. The utter practicality of these techniques will make it easier for your staff to apply them easily in their daily work. Depending on your requirements, we could conduct these courses in-house, at public venues, via distance learning or even online.

We also offer VET FEE-HELP services. The VET FEE-HELP services enables eligible students studying higher level vocational education and training qualifications to pay their tuition fees. Thus, students can focus on their academics now, while paying for the course later. To know more about this service, call us at 02 9700 9333.

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