Employer Federal Funding / Employer Incentives

Please note: New Entrant Incentives are treated the same as
Traineeship Incentives / Apprenticeship Incentives

The objective of the Australian Traineeships New Entrant Incentives Programme is to contribute to the development of a highly skilled and relevant Australian workforce that supports economic sustainability and competitiveness.


This is achieved by encouraging:

  • genuine opportunities for skills-based training and development of employees; and
  • people to enter into skills-based training through an Australian Traineeship.


The Australian Traineeships Incentives Programme contains a range of payments which are detailed in this summary. Eligibility criteria apply to all Australian Government Australian Traineeships Incentives payments. Further information regarding eligibility for payments can be obtained from your Australian Apprenticeship / Traineeship Support Network Provider.


The criteria and funding of Australian Government Australian Traineeships Incentives payments, including eligibility, availability and payment of Incentives may change during the term of the Australian Traineeship in line with Government priorities. This may result in changed eligibility at the time a payment is due. These changes will be notified by your Traineeship Network provider.


Current as at 21/09/2020 based upon information located at https://vet.nsw.gov.au/choosing-vet/fee-free-traineeships