Our values

Our Mission

As a global supplier of multifaceted training services, our mission is to deliver the most up to date, cost effective and meaningful learning programs available for an ever-changing world.

Our Values

Commitment to our customers... It is our uncompromised undertaking to deliver to our customers a caring, innovative and value for money service. It is our stated policy to never enter into anything that doesn't benefit all whom it effects.


Team Members... Our people are our strength. We are united in the ideal that "The Australian Salesmasters Training Company" will provide a work ethic of honesty, respect, personal development and foster a feeling of decency and trust between those that work here and deal with us. We value team effort and respect the individual.


Community... As members of the community, we will set a high standard of conduct endeavouring to enhance the Australian and International Business Sector.

Our governing principles


 Truth, honour and fair play will never be compromised with ourselves or our valued customers.


We are acutely...

aware of the need for innovation. We are committed to delivering, the most up to date learning strategies and tactics available.


Commitment to excel...

We shall commit to excellence in all areas of our business and place our team members and customers Number One!

Our promise to you

To treat you, the client, with respect, integrity and honesty in our provision of best value and innovative learning and development experiences. This is our promise to you.