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Significantly improving your margins, revenues and confidence




* Close more sales more!

* Increase your effectiveness as a prepared sales person

* Improve your productivity massively

* Sales training at its best...creating new habits

* Catapult your sales career 

* Create more customers for life with new skills and techniques

* Network with liked minded sales professionals.


Refresh or upgrade your sales skill level so that you can fully maximise the profit potential of every customer opportunity. Depending on where you are on your journey with sales, much of the information may be brand new to you. We ask that you involve yourself in looking for new directions and new angles that will move you from average to above average or from good to great.


There is not a lot of new material on selling but there are many new ways to look at it. The champion runner knows that running means putting one leg in front of the other as quickly as possible, but he/she has also studied the theory of running and has learnt the subtle differences that will increase his/her speed. You can do the same in sales!



As a result of attending the "Salesmastery Bootcamp", participants will attain the following and understand the building blocks, fundamentals of the sales process used by the top 5%.

Overcome fear, rejection or an emotional impasse

Looking at success and how the participant can improve him/her self to overcome fear, rejection or an emotional impasse. The participant will learn the importance of taking their "Vitamins for Victory" and in so doing providing him/ her with the Courage to go out and ask for the business, more often and more easily.

Creating a positive mindset...being enthusiastic, dynamic, unstoppable

Will explore the process that will allow us to understand the questions that will help us identify limiting beliefs and exercises to move away from or move towards creating a positive mindset through affirmations.

Memory skills

Understanding how the memory works and how the participant can utilise their memory to its best potential. Memory skills can then be used to enable the participant to improve on a variety of situations from simple things such as remembering clients names to being able to internalise positive statements, to give the participant the confidence to succeed, to remembering scripts when being faced with specific sales situations such as handling objections.

Results Model

Through the Results Model participants will understand the impact of reactive activity Vs proactive activity and how this influences their ability to achieve targets and results. Understanding how Time Management is the effective use of our time. Setting priorities based on the unified principals of the organisation, using the Results Model to make learning and understanding simple and easy to implement with measurable results.





OUTCOMES FOR YOU - DAY TWO - More advantages, skills and techniques to assist you in maximising every sales encounter and creating customers for

Managing Objections/ Customer Concerns/ Irate customers

More advantages, skills and techniques to assist you in maximising every sales encounter and creating customers for

Power Language / Power Words for best communication

The participant will learn that through Power Language the words we use, the way we say what we say, are one of the champion salespersons best tools. Laminated copies will be given to everyone on Power Language.

Perseverance / Follow Up/ Power Scripts

The participant will learn that to be successful at anything they must learn the importance of Perseverance in order to achieve their goals, dreams, hopes and aspirations. They will discover the keys to follow up, and go through a series of steps for follow up that create customers for life. Power scripts will be done up and provided during salesmastery bootcamp. The methodology employed includes real play; incentives; drill, practice and rehearse; accelerated learning principles; review and the utilisation of NLP facilitators and speakers who have specific areas of expertise and their own unique style.


Boot Camp Veterans Special Recognition Offer

If you attended bootcamp previously, join us again for a special veteran tuition investment of only $395 (GST inclusive). You will receive all the same benefits as everybody else as well as resharpening your skills in this extremely competitive market place. This is an ongoing offer to previous course attendees. We want you to come back and refresh, reboot, reignite every year.



Who should attend? No fee!

All salespeople All team leaders All managers/ business owners Any intending on becoming a professional salesperson and wanting to earn a champions income All veterans who have previously attended.


Boot Camp Benefits

Your batteries will be recharged. Ready to go in 2017! Sales processes proven sales habits of the best will be internalised. Self belief your confidence will be at a new high 100% delight guarantee or your money questions.

4 nationally accredited modules from BSB40615 Certificate IV in Business Sales...Certificate of Attainment


Tuition Includes: over $1325 complimentary goods on booking!!

16 hours dynamic learning

Lunch and refreshments

Comprehensive workbook...101 power packed information pages

Certificate of attainment from a Registered Training Organisation #6854

Guaranteed fun, learning experience

25 Best Selling ebooks valued at $325.

Copy of "The Sales Bible" best selling book by Jeffrey Gitomer

a 6 pack Salesmastery Sales CDs, valued at $145

Skills Recognition...


Overview of topics covered ... whatever your industry, this is for you!

Enrol now! Limited to first 25!

  • The words you use
  • Game Plan for Success
  • Vitamins for Success
  • People buy from people they like! Fact!
  • How to build rapport?
  • The art of asking the right questions
  • How to listen actively?
  • How to remember people's names?
  • Learning to love "No"
  • How to manage objections professionally and once?
  • Negotiation Skills
  • The Telephone
  • Making effective proactive calls
  • ...and much much more!



By attending this 2 day intensive Salesmastery Bootcamp program, you will complete 4 assessments on a variety of modules in the nationally accredited program

BSB40615 Certificate IV in Business Sales.


Certificate of Attainment will be issued after 7 days of course completion providing candidate competent.

Salesmastery Champion

We will award a cash prize of $1000 to the course champion plus an engraved trophy to keep.

Registration details

Our boot camp registration form is now available for boot camp 2017.

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