FNS50222 Diploma of Accounting


This qualification is intended to provide a flexible general purpose pathway in the financial services industry. It is intended to meet the training needs of employees with roles that involve working across a range of duties in the financial services sector where a specialist qualification is not the most suitable qualification to meet their training needs.



Related Industry Sectors

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Financial Services


Job Roles and Employment Outcomes

  • Accounts Payable Officer
  • Accounts Receivable Officer
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Finance Sector Supervisor
  • Tax Agents


Pathway into this Qualification

Prior to commencing this qualification individuals must have completed the following units of competency (or equivalent)


FNSACC321 - Process Financial Transaction and Extract Interim Reports

FNSACC322 - Administer Subsidiary Accounts and Ledgers

FNSACC418 - Work Effectively in the Accounting and Bookkeeping Industry

FNSACC421 - Prepare Financial Reports (this unit is the equivalent of BSBFIA401 - Prepare Financial Reports)


These competencies may have been achieved through completion of the following (or their equivalent):


FNSSS00014 - Accounting Principles Skill Set


FNS40222 - Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping



Pathway from this Qualification

This qualification would provide a pathway into any Diploma level qualification in the Financial Services training package, based upon the electives chosen.


Course fee

eLearning $2,888.00

Correspondence $2,888.00