NSW Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Australian Salesmasters Training Co. is an approved CPD provider as required by NSW Fair Trading.  (For more details, click HERE).


All individuals who hold a Class 1 licence, Class 2 licence or a Certificate of Registration must complete the CPD specified for their licence or certificate category each year.


The CPD year for all licence and certificate holders start on 23 March each year and end on 22 March the following year.


NB: The CPD compulsory topics and approved list of elective topics for Class 1 and 2 licence agents are specified by the NSW Office of Fair Trading. These are non-accredited courses and will not lead to the issuance of AQF certification. 

Time left to complete your CPD requirements:

Email Countdown from POWR.io


"The new CPD 2023 - 2024 Compulsory for NSW Residential Real Estate Salespeople & Property Managers are now available." 


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For more detail and updated information about CPD, please refer to NSW Fair Trading website HERE.