Delivery Modes... Your choice


Face to Face

Training experiences come alive when conducted by one of our industry expert facilitators. Face to face training remains very popular where distance to travel and time constraints don't effect the decision.

  • Practice...You get the opportunity to "real play" new skills with other team members and facilitators.
  • Network...You have the ability to network with like minded people at a face to face session.
  • Build Relationships...Being face to face, you get to build your personal relationships with co-workers.
  • Motivating...Our sessions are guaranteed to be fun, worthwhile and rewarding learning experiences.
  • Learn More...Many of our learners¬†benefit greatly from the experiences in the face to face sessions.
  • Individual Attention...any difficulties can be addressed immediately to one of our facilitators and rectified.
  • Customised Learning... classes are easily customised to the needs of the individuals who make up to class.
  • Less Distractions...In a face to face session, there are less distractions for the attendee.
  • Focus on the topic being presented is far more likely than other modes of learning.
  • Popular...Many people prefer to communicate by face to face over other training modes.
  • Training Goals/ Objectives Achieved.

eLearning (Online, Anywhere, Anytime)

  • You can schedule your study/ course completion time around other activities.
  • Completion of a module or course raises self confidence and skills, creating a more positive attitude in what you are doing.
  • Work at your own pace...when you want.
  • Greatly reduces time.
  • Mobile...all you need is your computer, laptop or tablet.
  • Access to a LMS (Learning Management System) that gives you trainer support and access to your training material and progress.

Blended Learning

Blended learning is another popular mode of delivery where you complete part of the program via eLearning / Correspondence combined with face to face training.

Correspondence / Distance Learning

The convenience of Distance Learning appeals to many candidates who wish to complete a course in their own time at their own pace. Many of these people have full time jobs and can't attend scheduled training programs.

Distance Learning offers you complete:

  • Flexibility
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Gain nationally accredited programs at your own speed
  • You can complete assignments at your own pace
  • Cost savings in travel to traditional classroom facilities
  • Programs all written in a self directed learning format that is both easy to use and understand