Guide for the Workplace Supervision of Learners

Guide to the Workplace Supervision of Learners
Guide to the Workplace Supervision of Learners
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Supervision is a key element of the Training Contract between your workplace and their learner. Supervision in the workplace is critical to enabling the learner to become competent within a safe work environment.


The learner enters into a formal training contract that sets out the rights, responsibilities and obligations of both parties for the period of the contract. This contract contains a Training Plan which lists the units of competency a leaner must undertake to be awarded a qualification. Both the learner and your workplace retain a copy of the Training Contract for your reference. 


Under the terms of the Training Contract, your workplace must provide the appropriate facilities and experienced persons to facilitate the training and supervise the learner while at work, in accordance with the Training Plan.


Levels of supervision vary according to the working conditions and progress in the learner’s confidence and abilities. Your workplace is to provide supervision arrangements that are not only sufficient for their learner at any particular time but that also meet legislative (legal) requirements.


Note: Dependent upon your state or territory Work Health and Safety Act, requires that your workplace provide the necessary supervision to allow their employees to work in a safe manner without risk to their health. The advice in this guide does not remove or limit an employer’s duty under Work Health and Safety Act legislation, nor under any legislation or common law relating to duty of care and negligence.


Supervision at work is to be undertaken by another employee who has the skill and knowledge to be a learner’s supervisor. For additional guidelines to supervision go to:


Learners must be properly supervised and given the appropriate tools, materials and instruction to both work and learn effectively. Your workplace, and any other people responsible for providing training in the business, should see themselves as mentors to their learners.


Your workplace responsibility

Whoever undertakes the supervision, your workplace remains responsible for the quality and safety of the supervision being provided. This also allows your workplace to ensure that the learner is made aware of just how your workplace wants them to be involved in the business, so that a good employer-employee understanding is reached, for the benefit of all.


What is assessment?

Assessment means collecting evidence about the learner’s skills and knowledge, comparing it and making a decision as to whether the learner has met the competency standard.


The ASTC assessor will carry out the assessment. 


Workplace supervisor responsibility in relation to assessments: you will be required to complete a Supervisor report (form AT4) for the learners’ performance in the workplace in relation to the unit of competency being assessed in the Training Plan.  This report is will be used by the ASTC Assessor as a component of the evidence to determine the learner’s competency against the competency standard


If you require any further information please contact the ASTC trainer on 02 9700 9333.